Monday, April 23, 2012

My Current Sewing Room

   A little over a year ago I showed you guys a small photo of what was then my sewing room. Since then there's been some new additions to my room, so I wanted to show off what my current sewing space looks like.
   That being said I still share the tiny bedroom with Jonathan as it is also his music room with a massive amp and many guitars. The room also has a bed for when friends and family come over. To say the least I'm more than anxious to one day have a three bedroom place where Jonathan and I won't have to share so much space.
   As you can see the space we share is super small.
   But anyways here's basically my wall space for sewing.  I've moved out my domestic sewing machine and replaced it with my new to me industrial Brothers sewing machine. Also I received my dress form in the mail two weeks back and after much confusion finally was able to set it up. I'm in love with it! My plan is to purchase a small table to set up my domestic machine and future serger on. I'll need this for a sewing room but I'm not fully confident where I'll have room to put the table.
   Remember a few weeks past when I posted about baking pies for a machine? Well there she is in all her beauty! A friend from back home just gave this beauty to me. The machine was in need of some hard core cleaning and fixing up. I had a very nice gentleman come in last week to look at my machine. He found some of the areas that needed tuning, gave me some new parts, order in some ones he didn't have and over all explained a lot to me about this factory machine that I wasn't familiar with. 
   This machine is also incredibly heavy even when taken apart. I'm so thankful that I had my super strong hubby to help carry it up and down my stairs while I was cleaning it and to also know how to reassemble all the pieces. It's so wonderful to have a handy man husband!


Anonymous said...

That is FABULOUS! :) I'm so excited for you and your SUPER SWEET machine!

Kari Jeanne said...

Exciting!!! Such a cute space :) We have the same two bedroom only problem - so we actually just have a futon in our spare room/computer room/my closet, this way we have an extra bed but it doesn't take up nearly as much space!

TheHeadlessMannequin said...

Just after stumbling upon your blog through the Little Port and I love it - I love the eclectic subjects of your posts and the wonderful content :) Your sewing room looks great - I'm particularly envious of your dress form!!

Little Tranquility said...

What a gorgeous machine! I'm so jealous. LOVE your sewing room, too! So cozy. :)

Julia said...

That's so exciting! Think of all the gorgeous things you'll be able to make with your new machine

Unknown said...

My friend just gave me her sewing machine! I hope I can learn to use it! I like the color of your sewing table, and the industrial look and feel of your sewing machine! -Jessica