Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Husband's Post- Taste of the Summer

   Well here's something new, I'm allowing my husband to take over my blog and write up a post. He's been pretty excited about his brand new BBQ and all the fancy shmancy stuff he's wanting to try. I thought it would be fun to allow him to take the stage just this once...or maybe twice. Here's Jonathan's first feature, Taste of the Summer.

Oh and he's also got himself a little blog too, though he never updates it. But feel free to check it out, Jonathan's Blog.
Well! The time has finally come! I've always looked at various BBQ's and wished and dreamed about one day have this large outdoor kitchen with a large Grill and you name it! Anyway, at the place I work, one of the goods we sell are Green Mountain Grills. Over the last couple weeks trying to sell them to people...I convinced myself that I needed one and once my tax return came in, that I would purchase one! So...taxes were done, and I got my grill! I ordered the Jim Bowie with 600 Square inches of cooking space! Here's the set up! Took a bit of time from a massive box to the finished product!
After it was all set up, I fired up the grill to do the break in and burn off any glue and cure the paint! So I set it at 350 and let it be! That caused quite a bit of smoke and I"m sure the neighbours were wondering what was going on!
Meanwhile, we set up Teaka's sewing machine...which I'm sure you'll be getting that blog later this week! Teaka put together the hamburgers, and then I grilled them! I must say, they were some of the best burgers I've ever had...grilling on a pellet grill tastes so much better than any propane or natural gas BBQ! 

Then! It was my biggest challenge! BBQing Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! First I tried it on a Frogmat, if and that royally failed! Cookies melted through and made a mess! Then I made another batch and tried it just on a sheet of tin foil...and those cookies went flat and not so well!
That was the end of that. So, today I decided to give it one last try! And success! BBQ'd Cookies! It adds an amazing taste! If you ever get the chance to make some on a pellet grill, I recommend it!
So there you go! I'm sure as I continue on trying different recipes, Teaka will let me share that with you in what I like to call, Taste of the Summer! :)


Kari Jeanne said...

Fun!!! Love husband guest posts :) Also super impressed about the bbq'd cookies!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

ohhhhh! My husband would probably trade me in for a BBQ like that (but then he'd have to make burgers himself) lol!

Kasey said...

So awesome! I LOVE that you used your BBQ for cookies. Genius!

Anonymous said...

How adorable that he wanted to post on your blog! This looks like an amazing set up... and BBQ'd cookies? Be still my heart!

Looking forward to a Taste of Summer!

Unknown said...

Hello hello! Found your blog from the Send Something Good blog page and am so glad I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

These photos are great! I'm new here... browsing around and decided to comment instead of lurk. :) I LOVE the look and feel of your blog so far- off to check out some more! Happy week, sugar! xo