Monday, April 30, 2012

Collide-O-Scope Fashion Show

   This past weekend's fashion show has come and gone and I can now say it's officially all over. I've graduated with a diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing and to my surprise and delight even got an award for Most Promising Designer and a side award from my retailing teacher for best buying plan. Over all I was pretty thrilled with how the whole evening turned out.

   Lucky me I had Jonathan to take photos from the evening's show and after it was all done discovered he took 500 pictures. Haha one too many to post on this blog so I just randomly selected a fewto give you guys a quick a taste of the event.

   I was honored to have some family members and a close friend there to attend the fashion show. I was back stage basically the whole time so felt bad I couldn't get out to spend more time or even snap a few more photos with them. Oh well next time right!
   Now the show itself apparently flowed quiet smoothly for those watching but that's not to say there wasn't a crazy amount of activity going on backstage. I'll venture to say it's more entertaining being behind the scenes during a fashion show than actually watching it. Thankfully we had some pretty organized stage managers and classmates who made this show work so well both on stage and behind.

   Here are a few random shots I grabbed from Jonathan's massive photo collection of the show. These dresses were suppose to be inspired by 1920's glamor. The far right dress was one I made.
   And a quick peak at some of the pieces that went down from my own collection, The Honey Line. To view the full collection click here Part 1 and Part 2.
   There were also some great looking mens lines as well. So many good pieces!
   And over all just amazing talent with garments from the classmates. I loved so many of the dresses and individual classic pieces!
   To top the whole evening off the Haute Couture gowns came out and my gosh there were some jaw dropping outfits. The left side one here was my absolute favorit by Troy. The model fit the gown perfectly and she totally rocked that look!
   Hands down this will be a night I won't forget. I wish all my fellow classmates the best of luck in their futures. I know so many of you will totally be amazing at what you choose to do!

   Cheers to an amazing fashion show!


Emme said...

awesome awesome awesome! congratulations! your designs looked great on the runway.
it must have been exhilerating to see your creations take life and walk down a catwalk. i can't even imagine. congratulations on winning those awards also. you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely job Teaka! You did AMAZING <3 LOVE your work!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely job Teaka! You did AMAZING <3 LOVE your work!!

Contemplating Beauty said...

Congratulations!!!! What an evening!

Gentri said...

SO awesome Teaka!! :D Love it all! Can't wait to see where life takes you now. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Seeing pictures of the fashion show reminds me of my end of year show... so much hard work, but so fun! Best wishes, and enjoy some free time now that you are done :)

kaila mo said...

awesome pictures, i bet this was so fun!!

JeffreyThomas said...

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