Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys

   Cheers to Tuesdays. What an incredibly fast and short week this will be. I had the pleasure of spending Sunday and Monday up in Calgary with a friend so I like that I get to jump start my school/work week right on Tuesday. On top of that I'm going home for Easter on Thursday so it's like I only have a three day week.I love that!
   Anyways here's this weeks addition of my bloggers feature and today I'm thrilled to introduce you guys to Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys. She has such a charming/quirky style that I love. I got her to introduce her blog and tell us a bit about how blogging has influenced her personal style. It's such a delightful read, I know you'll enjoy it! After reading her write up make sure to check out her cute blog!
   My name is Emily and I'm from Vancouver, though currently living in Barcelona.  I've spent the last ten years approximately living abroad in different countries including the UK, Mexico and South Africa.  I love experiencing life in different cultures, learning languages, writing, and wearing dresses.  Ruby Slipper Journeys was planned to be mainly a personal style blog, but of course given my all-over-the-place lifestyle, I also like to feature snippets of where I live, where I visit, and what I do.

Why and when did you start blogging?
   I originally had a travel blog that my boyfriend gave me so I'd have a place to share my writing, but I started Ruby Slipper Journeys in 2010.  I like that on the one hand blogging is a hobby, but it's a hobby that has had a number of positive side-effects: practice writing, improved photography skills, more familiarity with computer skills and social media, a better-edited closet... and I've also made some friends, online and in real life through it!
How has blogging impacted your own personal style and the way you express yourself in your daily life?
   Other bloggers are definitely my biggest source of style inspiration.  Last year I was a bit braver to try some of the more cartoony looking trends, such as clogs with frilly ankle socks, for example, because I'd already seen them everywhere online.  This year I'm actually trying to get away from that, be less influenced by internet trends, and stick to my own personal style--authenticity is actually the most important thing, after all.  Blogging has also really changed how I buy clothes.  I buy most clothes online now, often through small designers (that I've discovered through reading blogs) or on ebay or Etsy.  And blogging really made me get into thrifting/charity shopping last year when I actually lived in a place that had charity shops..

   I wouldn't really say it's changed how I express myself in daily life though... I don't tend to tell most people from my daily life that I have a style blog... still a bit shy about putting millions of pictures of myself online I guess!
What are some fashion items on your current "wish" list for this season?
   Dresses! (No surprises there).  Summer is my all-time favourite season, so I'm hoping to score a few new dresses from some small designers I've been stalking for a couple of years, such as Family Affairs and Alexandra Grecco. (Probably from their last-summer collections, which are now on sale).  Otherwise, I really want to spend the summer dressed like the Marge character in The Talented Mr. Ripley: effortlessly-retro-holiday: simple white blouses, espadrille shoes and easy skirts... and I want the Italian village backdrop too please!

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Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Aww Emily is just the cutest! Love hearing it's gotten her into secondhand/charity shops too. Def know the feeling about in real life people not knowing about my blog.