Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Date Night

   I'm sure I've mentioned this before but Thursday evenings are my favorite night of the week as they have become our date nights. Once a week Jonathan and I take turns planning a date night and though these typically don't involve spending money and are very relaxed, tonight we decided to go out for supper and spend a few hours at the Home and Garden show.

   First we went to Pizza Hut, shared a tasty pizza and just enjoyed catching up on our days. I only ate two pieces but I think I'm good not to look at pizza for a while now. I was so full!
   We then headed over the the Home and Garden show at the Exhibition Park and spent a few hours just wandering up and down the paths looking at the hundreds of booth and exhibitors. I found that during the first hour or so I quite enjoyed the exploration but after all that walking and standing, exhaustion soon kicked in and I ended up avoiding eye contact with almost every person in their booth just so I didn't feel obligated to talk to them about their service or items they're selling.

   Jonathan however had no probably talking to any person regardless of what they're selling or promoting. He even ended up getting fitted for some orthotics.This turned out into quite the long ordeal. Thankfully there was a lemonade stand right across so I was able to enjoy a refreshing drink as I waited...and waited.
   It was funny because any time we saw a draw we almost always entered it. I have no clue how many draws we entered, nor do I remember any of them but that was half the fun of it.
   We're back home now and my feet are killing me. I'm almost ready for bed because I'm so tired! It was such a fun date night with my hubby!

   Now we have a pile of flyers, business cards, brochures and honestly just random junk we have to do something with....oh the joy of trade shows. 


Emma Frances said...

What a fun date night! :] My husband and I really need to work on going on real dates more regularly and taking turns planning them! It's such a good way to stay away from getting into the "mundane"ness of life.

Anonymous said...

Teaka, that is so sweet :) I love date nights with Tyler, but this one takes the cake ;) Trade shows are fun, but we usually last about 15 minutes at them before we're done.
I guess our thing is hitting up a lot of free concerts (during the summer)and reading together at Panara :)
Love your post!