Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Peak At Haute Couture Project

   Out of all the classes I'm taking this semester I believe my Haute Couture class is my favorit. Though it's probably one of my most frustrating too as we're working on our final project, an outfit with a corset of some sort. This is my first time to ever construct any type of corset, so it would be safe to say it's been a steep learning curve for me. Regardless I love the low key atmosphere where we spend most of class just working on our gowns and getting help from the teacher and assistant when needed.

   Right now I have my under garment for the corset completed. It took many fittings and reworking to get it to where I think it's good. Mind you I have made a few adjustments so hopefully it still fits my model when all is finished. The laminating was the most tedious though I enjoyed finally getting the boning in (my husband helped me with this part) as it gave a bit more stability to the corset.

   I also had to do a lot of adjustments on the separate skin of the corset to accommodate all the changes to the under garment. After one frustrating class I think I finally go it right....I hope. You can see all the changes with the uneven edges. Haha oh dear.

For the most part it fits good. On a bust form it doesn't fit as well as it should fit on the model but here's the basic gest of what the fit will be.

   I'll admit I'm still incredibly nervous to see it on my model. I pray it fits well enough on her. But I have to remind myself this is my first go at something like this, more than likely it won't be perfect and that's ok.

   But on to fun news, the local magazine did an article on the fashion design program and though I didn't get to read the whole article I did get to brows through it and found my illustration for this outfit in there. So now I can give you a sneak peak at what this haute couture outfit is suppose to look like. It's the far right photo. Obviously I've still got a lot left to do before I finish this outfit.

      Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at my current haute couture project.


Liz Brown said...

Wow, that looks incredibly cool! Even though I havent seen the finished thing. That class looks like quite a bit of fun. :)

Emme said...

ooh how cool! it looks beautiful. good luck!

Kari Jeanne said...

You are so talented Teaka! I could never imagine undertaking something like this - so you get amazing status in my books ;)

Ashton said...

Oh, I know this must be so frustrating! I have friends who make corsets and I have a pretty good one of my own, and I really don't know that I would have the patience to do something like this. The experience would be amazing though, I'm sure. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Megan said...

How cool! It looks difficult to make, but it will be so rewarding to see the final product! I wish I could make clothes, seems so fun :)

Julia said...

Yay, that's so cool that your illustration was published :)
I'm sure it will all look amazing when it's done xo