Monday, March 05, 2012

Lethbridge Fashion Week Interview with Shelly Court

   I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. It's already a few days into March and not only am I'm feeling the crunch to get my own collection done in less than three weeks for a photo shoot but I also am looking forward to Lethbridge Fashion Week (LFW) which is also the same weekend as my shoot.

   For those who don't know what LFW is, it's an event that provides a way for new designers in Southern Alberta to show case their collection and get a little bit of attention for their work. The fashion show itself will be held March 23rd, doors open at 6pm and show starts at 7pm. It'll be held at SAAG, the art center in Lethbridge, Alberta.

   I couldn't give this amazing event justice with my ramblings so instead I'm honored and thrilled to have Shelly Court herself, the visionary and main gal who puts on the event each year, also an amazing fashion designer, answer a few questions about her role in the event and what you can expect this year from Lethbridge Fashion Week.

   Shelly also has a great little fashion blog over at Schizostyle that I know you'll all love reading. You should check her out after and say hello.

1) Just give a brief history of your experience in the fashion industry.
I've always had an interest (understatement) in fashion (I used to host fashion shows in my Grandma's dress-ups when I was 6!). After studying fashion in college, and interning in Atlanta & New York, I started LFW and my own line while working as a FDM College Instructor. I like to be busy so I've also held positions as a design assistant, event director, model scout, stylist, and head hunter.

2) What inspired you to have a Fashion Week in Lethbridge?
I wanted people to start embracing fashion here in Lethbridge in a free, artistic way that was totally fun, non-judgmental, and accessible. I started LFW to provide a platform for emerging/established designers (and local businesses) to showcase their work and be able to connect with the community and their clientele. 

3) What is your roll in the LFW?
I'm admitting it now, I'm a control freak when it comes to LFW. I secure the venue, book everything, book designers, hair/make-up, models, photographers, press, DJ's, sponsors...and I design my own collection. Of course I always have THE GREATEST volunteers who help with everything!

4) How are you balancing your time with planning and also creating your own collection for the show?
I am most creative at ridiculous times of night so I try and do all the LFW planning during the day and then design/draft/sew like a possessed person at night. My 5 year old (aspiring make-up artist) keeps me pretty occupied during the day too.

5) Can you give us any hints about what we can expect from your collection?
My collection is about a sense of athletic, sexy opulence. There are lots of layers, separates, textures and skin. I LOVE patterns and this season the prints are very baroque/wallpaper-esque, which I'm excited about but in a rich rocker-chic kind of colour palette...does that make sense? I hope not, so I can show you it does!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

thanks for sharing. i love it. also thanks for stopping by my blog today, your comment made my day :)


Gentri said...

How cool! That is such an exciting opportunity for you Teaka!! I can't wait to hear more! :) I'm off to read her blog now.

Cristabel said...

Hmm, very interesting blog post.however, I still don't get how in the world some people can balance their career with the barries of life.
p.s. Best of luck to your clothing line.