Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feature Blogger: Bri- The Secret Life of Bee

    For the next little while I'm dedicating Tuesdays to a new little blog feature. I'm finding it so interesting the connection between blogger and their own personal style and I thought I'd ask a few blogger to introduce themselves and write a little bit about their own style and whether it's influenced by blogging or not.

   I'm delighted today to have guest blogger Bri from over at The Secret Life of Bee.
    Hello, Hello! I am so happy to be over here with you lovelies. Thanks so much to Teaka for having me! My name is Bri and I hail from The Secret Life of Bee. I am a wife, photographer, and lover of all things vintage. I mostly blog about my husband and estate sales: my two great loves. I started The Secret Life during my first semester of college in 2008. It was initially just for me to write thoughts about the goings on of my life. As time went on, I found it became a place for me to share my photography. (I have been doing photography for about 7 years.)

   When it comes to my style, I generally gravitate toward 1940s and 50s anything. But to be totally honest, I am a total chameleon when it comes to my style. Because of this, my blog is ever changing. I just love art and creativity and pretty things. The Secret Life of Bee has been a place for me to have fun with all of those things.


Anonymous said...

She is ADORABLE! What a great guest post. I want to steal her shoes, is it weird that I noticed them first? Anywho, your blog is so cute- I'm glad I found it!

Gaby said...

Love her style, and it's always great to feature other bloggers :)

Brhea said...

Love that you are doing this!

Bri has awesome style - I totally get the 40s/50s influence.

I also love to use my blog as a creative outlet. Tt has been such a wonderful way to share my photography and the crazy ideas in my messed up head ;)

andrea m. said...

came to your blog through her! love her style as well and i can totally relate- my blog is ever changing because i love graphic design/photography and am inspired by everything around me :)

andrea brionne