Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes or No to this Dress?

   A few weeks ago I ordered a few items from ModCloth. I've worn the dresses a few times but this one dress I'm still not 100% sure if love all that much. It's super cute with bows at the front and light weight and I like the color of it but when I put it on some times I like it and sometimes I don't.
   I thought I'd show you guys and ask what you think. No hard feelings. Yes or no to this dress?
   On another note this past weekend I had such a lovely time with my parents as they came up from Saskatchewan and spent a couple nights in our humble home. It was such a relaxing weekend and I loved not having to work or do any homework. We shopped, played cards, cooked meals together and over all did a lot of catching up. So often I wish I could live back home again, in the same city as my family but I know that will never happen so I must not attach myself to that thought.


Abbi said...

Yes to this dress! Except it needs a wider belt in my opinion and some black heels.... cute :)

Anonymous said...

i love the dress! i think it will be great for spring and summer! you can wear it now with tights, or with sandals when it warms up :)

Emme said...

I say yes to the dress! And how nice that your parents were able to come visit :)

june said...

I say YES!!! It's adorable! I'd even buy a dress like that! It's so great to be talented and know how to sew. But DEFF a yes.

Julia said...

YES! I love the wee bows and the colour is gorgeous.

Quality family time is time well spent xo

Annie said...

I think the dress is really cute - love the bows :)

The Other Side of Gray

Rebecca said...

What a cute dress! I love those bows!

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