Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial for a Cute Bow T-shirt

   On Saturday I found a few minutes in my day to put together a tutorial for an easy way to freshen up an old t-shirt. Lately I've been seeing some simple shirts in this style but being cheap I didn't want to fork over money. I instead improvised and came out with something I LOVE!
   All you need is a v-neck shirt of your choice, black fabric, fabric scissors and a measuring tape.
   Measure the length around the neckline. With that measurement draw a straight line on the bias on your black fabric. The thickness of this strip will depend on the thickness of the ribbing around the collar of your shirt. I went with 3 inches and it worked great for me.
   Next you'll iron down both edges of the strip about half an inch. Finally you'll fold it in half. You'll have what's called  bias strip and it will fit more smoothly around your collar than something cut on the straight of grain.
   Now fit that bias strip around your collar, the collar should fit like a nice sandwich between the fold. Sew in place.
   You'll end up with this nice trim around the collar.
   Next you can cut out a 4 to 5 inch wide strip about a meter long. You'll fold and iron that in half, sew the edges together and pull the outsides in.
   Lastly all you need to do is sew that strip onto the end of the v-neck.
   Tada! Check out your super cute little bow t-shirt!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making your own bow t-shirt.


Alexandra Joy said...

Such a sweet tutorial! Thanks, Teaka. Love the jazzed up tee. ;)

Unknown said...

this is adorable!! i need to try it!

Julia said...

What a great idea, I love the end result <3