Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Sewing Wish List

   Blogging has fallen to the back burner this week and sadly I don't foresee much changing due to a crazy rush to finish sewing my spring collection in four weeks. Most evenings after work I spend at the college sewing and though I'm loving it I'm also finding it's become very mind consuming. I think about it in the morning, at work, of course while I'm sewing and sometimes even dream about it. Other things that have also been consuming my mind are my future plans and the items I need to purchase in order to get things going.

   Right now I have my basics like a good solid domestic sewing machine which won't work for selling clothing but at least I'll have it for button holes, zig zags and other extras. I also will be getting a serger in a few weeks. But once school is done I'll be needing the following,

Industrial Sewing Machine with Table
   I'm praying that come tax season this spring I'll be able to afford one! Preferably a Juki brand since that's what I've been using.

Size 10 Dress Form with Collapsible Shoulders
   Of course it would be nice to have a variety of sizes but for now the basic one is a must.

A Sewing Room
   As much as I love to day dream about a bright, spacious, beautiful room I realize that this won't be a possibility for a long time. I'll be happy with some wall space too.

   But for now a girl can dream.
Of course I'd need a place for everything.
   If I ever had an unused shed I could always covert that to a sewing room. Cute space!
One day.


Katie-Lee said...

OH MY goodness. Those 2 sewing 'rooms' are incredible. I would never leave if I had that kind of a creative space!!!

Emme said...

sigh...what a pretty dream :)

jessica said...

I day for me too. These images are gorgeous! Such a dream!

Unknown said...

Dreaming is the best motivation for getting to your goals. :)