Monday, January 16, 2012

Jonathan Surprises Me...Again

   This past Saturday I came home from a day at work and sewing a the college to find my handsom husband constructing a surprise in our bedroom, a brand new DRESSER! I realize you probably find it completely silly that I'm so excited about a dresser but once I show you what I've been using you'll understand my delight.

   For as long as I can remember I've been using a dresser that once belonged to my Mom who bought it for my older sister and over time was passed it down to me. Over the past years it ultimately endured a few bumps and bruises during many moves and relocations. To say the least it's in very bad shape and came to the point where I could no long open the drawers without a lot of tugging, load squeaks and the fear of it possibly falling apart, plus the draws could never even close properly.

   The fact that it's also trying to hold up a massive heavy TV probably doesn't help much either. (On a side note as you can probably see from this one wall in our bedroom it's the one room in our house that doesn't get seen by guest and so ends up being the less decorated of places. It's sadly a rather pathetic room.)

   It should also be noted that Jonathan worked so hard to put this dresser together only to discover the the front legs kept falling off when we tried to move it which was due to the manufactures putting in too big of holes. So Sunday afternoon he took the whole dresser apart, brought it back, purchased a new one, set it up again and was much happier with this new one.

   I'm so exited by my new dressed and the doors close smoothly, no struggling or loud noises. It's a miracle!


mrs. dtf said...

ooo your new dresser is pretty. your hubby did good. thanks for stopping by the blog. it's so exciting being gentri's blog of the week and i'm so glad you were so that i could find you!

mrs. dtf

Unknown said...

That is so sweet!!! I love coming home to surprises like that :D The dresser looks gorgg, tell the husband good job on him!


Gaby said...

Aw, what a sweet husband! Looks like a perfect dresser :)

two birds said...

you got yourself a good man! how sweet of him. and that old dresser is too funny!

Courtney B said...

What a sweet heart! He did an amazing job on the dresser!

Katie said...

How sweet! This new dresser is definitely an improvement to the old