Monday, January 30, 2012

Jonathan Kidnapped Me

   Ok I promise after today's post I'll stop posting about things that happened this week pertaining to my birthday. But this Saturday evening Jonathan surprised me with another huge birthday gift that I can't help telling you guys about it.

   Saturday was a long dragged out day with work, going to a walk in clinic, back to work and spending a few hours at the college.  I knew I had to be home by 5pm as earlier in the week Jonathan had slightly mentioned that he wanted to take me out for super so I was happy to have an excuse to leave my pattern drafting and head home.

   When I got home, much to my surprise Jonathan blinded folded me, helped me into his car and wouldn't tell me a thing about what was going on. He told me I wasn't allow to see where we were going and he ended up taking me on a 45 minute drive outside of my city, through random towns and who knows where else. My stomach was filled with butterflies as I had no clue where I was but obviously still having a blast.

   We arrived at our destination and he said I could take my blindfold off but I had to promise to keep my eyes closed while he helped out guiding me all the way into a building, down halls, up a few flights of stairs and then through a door. Finally he said I could open my eyes and to my pure delight I found myself in a beautiful hotel suit with rose petals strew across the floor. I'm pretty sure I was shaking with delight.

   He told me to look out the window and to my shock discovered we were right back in our city and he only took me on that drive to disorient me and add to the fun of the evening. Haha it worked!

   Ten mins later room service came with a delicious pizza and a huge piece of chocolate cake that we share.

As for the rest of the night....well that's for Jonathan and me only. :)

   Anyways I was completely floored with that surprise! Once again just proving how awesome my husband really is!


Unknown said...

Awww thats so cute of him. What an awesome surprise! Looks like a lovely room too!



erica marie said...

Aww how amazingly sweet!

xo erica

Elizabeth said...

OK have your husband call mine OK???? ;)

Emme said...

how sweet!! you have such a nice husband. sounds like he made your birthday really special :)

Abbi said...

Haha! you guys are so cute! Sounds like a blast... and then some...