Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Fabric Covered Earing

   Here's a real easy and fun way to use up some scrap fabric you like and create super cute earrings for yourself or if you're feeling generous for your friends and family.

To start with you'll need:
-A Button to Cover Kit which is super cheap ($2.49) and you can get a package and refills at your local fabric store. fabric of your choice.
-Earring post and backs which you can purchase at a craft store in jewellery making section.
-Fabric of your choice
-Hot glue gun
-Needle nose pliers
-Wire cutters

   To start with pick an area on your fabric you like and cut out. On the button cover kit there's instructions you can follow and a diagram on the back but I just cut out a square and it worked perfect for me.

   Next place the fabric in the white rubber holder. Using the blue tool push the smooth metal button piece and fabric into the holder. Trim excess fabric and push down the remainder into the white holder.

   Apparently you should be able to use your needle nose pliers to pull out the button shank from the back piece but I wasn't too successful and discovered that using my wire cutters worked just as great to cut it off. I could then use my needle nose pliers to pull off the loose pieces in the back. Seriously easier than it sounds.

   Push down this back piece using the blue tool into the white holder. You should feel it go in and sometimes hear a quiet click.

Finally hot glue the earring post onto the back of the button and let it harden.

Tada now you have yourself a brand new pair of darling earrings! I recommend you make a bunch and share with friends!


Unknown said...

these are so cute!! i want to make some!


Kari Jeanne said...

Love this! So adorable :)

Nicole said...

I have totally done this before! For earrings, buttons, hair clips, and what not. Love your fabric choice.

Emme said...

very cute!

Unknown said...

Ooooo I'll have to try that out! Where did you get your supplies?

akenney said...

Oh, I love that-divine. Thanks for sharing it!