Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Pinterest of the Week: Birch Trees

   I'm going to admit something here that I hope won't start an uproar and forgive me if you're ofended, here it goes....  I'm tried of Christmas. There it's been said. No taking it back. It's true. You see Christmas is all lovely for the first while but after a couple of weeks of the decorations, the increasing need to do Christmasy things, the sweets, etc it all starts becoming too much. Slight over kill if you know what I mean.

   My eyes are searching for new things to look at and being that it's still winter I've began to feast upon the cozy natural look of the birch tree. Obviously a current trend in the design world but something I'm just now quite enjoying.

  Anyways so instead of sharing Christmas decorating ideas, food or fashion I'm just going to show off some pins on birch trees designs I found on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Birch candle holders
Pinned to DIY board
Found on Olive and Cocoa 

Life size birch tree trunk wall art
Pinned to For the Home board
Find how to make these on Curby

Burlap and felt birch pillow (So cute!)
Pinned to DIY board
Found on Etsy

Amazing birch bed
Pinned to For the Home board
Found on Apartment Therapy


Gentri said...

So gorgeous. I have that bed pinned too!

Becka Robinson said...

Love me some birch! I got to see them (the trees) in real life last year and I made a fool of myself freaking out about how beautiful they were :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the candle holders, pillow, BED! OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teaka! I found you via Ashley at Rustic Living. Your blog is so cute! I've browsed around and I think you and I share a lot of the same style. So I'm following now. Anywho -- I hear you about being tired of Christmas, and we're almost there! I'm already looking forward to the new year. But have a Merry Christmas anyway!
P.S. I also love the birch tree designs. That bed is stunning!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i love birch trees!! :) it's a great natural look!