Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marriage, Love and Fun: Mrs. DTF

   Today I want to introduce Mrs. Dtf for this weeks Marriage, Love and Fun feature. She's a blogger that writes about all the wonderful things we love to read about like married life, recipes/crafts, outfit ideas and so much more. Also as a newly wed she has some simple and realistic views on marriage that I found refreshing.

   After reading her thoughts on marriage you should totally go check out her cute blog Mrs. DTF and say hello. She'd love to hear from you!

1) Tell us about how you and your husband met.
   Me and Mr. Dtf were unaware of the other's existence until the first day of art class our sophomore year of college. we started going out on dates and he even took me to see the harry potter 7 part 1 premiere. smart move because shortly after that we fell madly in love. we got married august 5, 2011 and it was the happiest day of my life.

2) What's been one or some of the unexpected challenges you were faced at the beginning of your marriage? 
   I think the biggest challenge for me was that when we screamed at each other had a little argument, afterwards I was stuck in the same house with mr. dtf and that just about drove me bonkers. BUT, after a little maturation we have learned to talk mostly calmly to each other when we disagree about something. or we just wrestle each other/tickle fight. it's fun AND effective.

3) Now the good stuff, how have you kept the romance alive in your marriage?
   I think the best way to keep the romance alive in any marriage is to say i love you. say it in the morning and the afternoon. say it whenever someone leaves the house. say it when you hang up the phone. say it before you go to bed and any other time you think it. also, hugs. kissing is great, don't get me wrong, but hugs are just so much more loving. trust me on this one.

4) Any advice you want to give to newly couples?
   Well seeing as I've been married four whole months, I am clearly the expert on the subject ha! I think I'll stick to taking advice on this one!

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So lovely!!!

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lovely! and thanks for your comment earlier! you should definitely try the peach cobbler. it's so easy peasy!