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Marriage, Love and Fun: Bri

   Good Morning everyone! Today I'm posting up a new Marriage, Love and Fun feature with guest blogger, Bri from over at Breezy Day. I love the new take on this post as both Bri and her husband, Ryan sort of tagged team writing this post so we get to hear from both points of view. It's also refreshing hearing Ryan tell us how the two met. Seriously super cute!

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   Hello! My name is Bri Rios and I blog over at Breezy Days. I’m excited to share the lessons and stories Ryan and I have experienced from our past 7 months of marriage and year of dating. I asked Ryan to pitch in with his part.

1) Tell us about how you and Bri first met. 
   I moved back to Utah after 4 years of traveling the world and was eager to find a place in Provo that was both close to campus and had great roommates. I found it in the “Nibley House” My friend from NorCal, Marissa, helped me get into contact with one of the rommies and bam, I was moved in. I didn’t have a bed yet but that was not a priority. Before I could fill my room with crap I wanted to see my NorCal friend and thank her for the help. She introduced me to her roommates but warned me that one wasn’t there. As I met the roommates each of them were nice, but none of them were what I was looking for in a date. As I had made myself comfortable getting to know everyone from my spot on the couch, someone ran right through the living room and straight to their room. She rushed back to the front door just as quickly as she had made it in but before she could leave Marissa shouted “Bri! This is Ryan the guy I’ve been telling you about.” If there is one thing that worries me, it’s when I’m introduced as ‘the guy we have been talking about’. But I could do little to help this one… Then Bri said, “Ohhh yes, the infamous Ryan Rios…” Fun. She knew my name and knew of some of my shenanigans, my only thought was, “this is going to be fun.” We had a short chat, she then said  goodbye and raced out the door again.

   After meeting all of the roommates I was on my way out to meet some other people. As Marissa and I were getting into my car to visit some friends I told her, “Your roommate Bri, I will date her.” Her only response was, “If you do, do it right.” And that was it, my mind was made up. I was going to date Brianna Grossman, and eventually get her to marry me. And I did J Mission accomplished.

2) What's been one or some of the unexpected challenges you were faced at the beginning of your marriage?
   When we were first engaged I was diagnosed with Melanoma Stage 1B, skin cancer, where I would have to go through a major surgery to take care of it. The surgery was scheduled to take place a week before finals week of winter semester of 2011, and it completely rocked my world. I was helpless with the 12 staples in my right forearm and 9 under my right armpit, I had a lot of skin removed along with 3 lymph nodes. I couldn’t move, had no strength, and with all the pain medication I definitely wasn’t
thinking straight. Ryan was there for me the whole entire time. He made sure I was taking my medicine on time, tucking me in at night, helping me to get dressed because I could hardly move, packing and moving all my belongings to the new apartment, holding me while I cried out of frustration, and most of all just showing his complete love and affection. This showed how he dealt with stress, when times get tough he is like me, where he will work as hard as he needs to until we get through it. This has been one of the many challenges we have experienced in our first few months of marriage, and it has definitely made us a stronger and more unified couple.

3) Now the good stuff, how have you kept the romance alive in your marriage?
   It’s all about the small things. Helping with homework. Making favorite meals. Saying I love you everyday. Kisses on the forehead before work. Bringing home diet cokes after a long day at school. It’s just showing that you are thinking about one another’s well-being and showing everyday that you care for them.
   Giving of yourself freely. I don’t do things looking for something in return. Have love be the reason why you serve the other. Whether its washing dishes or changing windshield wipers I know that she will be happy knowing that I love her and that I am willing to show it through service.

4) Any advice you want to give to new couples?
   Make sure to balance time with each other and time to recharge your own battery. We think that the mistake most couples make is to go from one extreme to the other. While it is important to do things as a couple, it is equally as important to improve yourself. Whether it be a hobby you enjoy or a talent you would like to be better at. Through the sharing of your individual gifts and talents, you are able to grow closer together and to keep falling in love over and over again.

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