Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding Comfort in Historical Books

   I believe I have a fear of fictional books. I'm not sure why but I discovered this when I made my way to the city library last night to find something to read for the Christmas long weekend. I tried very hard to find something to read in the fictional section but being that it's been well over five years since I've read something that wasn't in the history section I found it incredibly challenging.

   The aisles were filled with the lastest vampire hits, weird sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, drama and even books about a women who was half unicorn half human so many choices. Yet my problem wasn't that there were so many to choose from but rather there were so many books I had zero intrest in reading. So, in defeated I returned down stairs to the historical section and found comfort in French Monarchy.

   I don't know why I have no urge to read fictional as so many other people I know love reading all the latest hit books but I simple can't find pleasure in them. Perhaps my heart shall forever belong to the kings and queens and people of old.

   I can't wait to start reading my new find, "First Lady of Versailles" about the Princess Adelaide of Savoy, a french princess in the late 1600's, early 1700's that I'm not very familiar with. 
   Let's just hope I actually allow myself to read the book instead of fall asleep or zone out staring at a wall.

   Will you be reading anything this Christmas holiday?


Anonymous said...

I love all books. I love how they look, how the old ones smell, and the crispness of the new ones. Tyler and I are starting to collect books from the 1800's; they are so beautiful!
My Holiday reading will probably include Andy Stanley (since Tyler asked for those for Christmas, and I am prone to stealing his books), but mostly watching a ton of Christmas Movies (White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, ect) =) Enjoy your time off!

Kari Jeanne said...

I think you would like philippa gregory's novels - they are fictional but based on historical events/people, especially english royalty. I love them because it gives you glimps of what it would have been like to be a royal figure! Hope you enjoy your leisure reading this weekend :) Merry Christmas!

thegirlhassparke said...

I have the exact opposite problem and always seem to gravitate towards the fiction books. I think I will be reading a trashy, girlie book over the holidays.