Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Gift for Annabell

   I love going to the post office around Christmas time as there's always an abundance of mail, including packages I ordered online for Christmas gifts. Today I made my way to my down town mail box and I was thrilled to find I had finally received my last online order. I'm going to show you what it is because I'm so excited and since it's for my not quite 2 year old niece, Annabell, I figure I'll be safe to blog about it.

   It's a book called I Had a Favorite Dress. I've been eyeing it for quite some time now and finally had a reason to purchase it for a child this season. The book is seriously one of the cutest girly books around as it's about a little girl who slowly outgrows her favorite dress but with her mother's helps is able to cut and sew the garment into new items as she grows.

   The illustrations are done by one of my favorite artists, Julia Denos, which makes the book all the better!

   I realize a 2 year old won't understand the book quite yet but I'm sure in the future the images will be captivating and slowly as she learns to read so will the story.

Eeeek can't wait for Christmas!



Brittany said...

Looks like such a cute book. I need to check it out for my cousins! Thanks for the rec :)

F said...

that book is by no doubt an excellent christmas present :) your blog is so nice sweetie, would you like us to follow each other? :)



Anonymous said...

Adorable! you need a copy for yourself (I mean, for your kids) ;)

Amanda Hogue

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