Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogger Holiday Swap Results

   At the beginning of December I signed up for a holiday swap over at The Zufelt's blog that involved sending a package in the mail to an assigned blogger with something that represented a tradition you keep during the holidays. It was exciting to get my blogger Krisi and began to think up ideas of things to send her. It was a blast shopping and wrapping up the items but I won't tell you what I sent her as she still hasn't received the package. Hopefully today or tomorrow she will. (Crossing fingers)

   However just this last friday I was thrilled to get my package in the mail from her. As soon as I got home I opened it up and found the cutest fleece pj pants wrapped in a pretty bow and with a note. The note said that every Christmas Eve their family has a tradition of opening one gift and they give each other a new set of Christmas pj pants. I just loved that idea! I'll be honest and admit that I practically lived in those pants when I was home this past weekend. They were so comfy.

   It was such a treat to meat Krisi and be apart of Whitney's holiday swap. I hope next year she does it as I'll definitely want to do it again! :)


Ly said...

Those fleece pj are so cute. I love the design.

meesch said...

those are so adorable, and I'm jealous they are long enough on you! I'm 5'10", so no pajama pants have ever fit me = (


Ashley said...

those pj pants look so cute and comfy!

P.S. I've chosen you for the versatile blogger award. check out my post tomorrow (tuesday) to see what its all about :)

Rustic Living said...

Love your blog! I've passed the "Liebster Blog Award" onto you, check it out on my blog! Have a great day : )