Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Chrismtas Decorations

   The Christmas season has finally begun for us! Late Saturday afternoon and evening Jonathan and I began the process of decorating our humble home for Christmas. Though it didn't take all that long, considering our place is only so big and we're rather limited with our decorations. Regardless I'm very pleased with the cozy atmosphere our few decorations created.

   My favorite spot in the house is my "Christmas shelf".

   On that shelf I specifically enjoy my new moose. I picked him up the other day in Chapters. I think he brings a lovely Canadian Christmas feel to my shelf. Ha ha!

   We still don't have a green tree so we decided to once again set up my vintage tinsel tree. It doesn't have that cozy feel but it sure does add a lot of sparkle to our place.

   Jonathan was also able to set up his Christmas Coke Village. I love this little village when it's all lit up at night. It's like a still life of the movie Miracle On 34th Street. I know our kids will enjoy this set up too. I only wish I could find more buildings to add to his collection. Anyways I didn't take new pictures as the display is about the same as last year.  Check out last year's post, Start of Christmas Decorations to view the village.

   Finally we were able to get some garland up on the chandelier. Simple and sweet.

   Have you set up your decorations yet?


Gentri said...

I loooove all of your Christmas decor!! Love it! So gorgeous!

meesch said...

If I decorated my apartment like this for the holidays, it would definitely stay up year round... a. because it's adorable and not too kitschy and b. because I'm pretty darn lazy haha

Such a cute post = )


Anonymous said...

super cute :) I Love the tinsle tree... have no shame! Being an American now, I have to wait until after Thanksgiving.... buuuuut Black Friday we're definately putting up our tree and deocrating the little place! yay! We have a mini real one and a 4.5 ft fake one.... super stoked!

Amanda Hogue

Unknown said...

that christmas shelf is fantastic! I decorated my dorm room a bit, but I can't wait to have a home to do more around my favourite holiday!

Emma Frances said...

Your Christmas decorations are awesome! I can't wait to get some of ours put up! :] I LOVE your chandelier with the garland wrapped around it. GORGEOUS!

Emme said...

how cozy! and stylish might i add. i love jonathan's village too :)

Alexandra Joy said...

Loving the Christmas shelf! I'm still having trouble committing to a holiday "style". ;) Thanks for the inspiration.