Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creating Your Own Chocolate Bar

  First off I just wanted to share that I'm a guest blogger on Mr. Taylor and his Lady's blog for her Here's to Happiness feature. It's a cute post where bloggers just write about things that make them happy. So check out her blog!

   The other week I stumbled across some amazing websites that are really quite brilliant as they allow you to create and customize your very on chocolate bar!

   There's actually a handful of these sites floating around and each one varies in price range but they work about the same. You start off with a chocolate base of your choice and then you're given a selection of categories that have a variety of items you can have in your chocolate bar, each with their own price tag. There will be a nut section, spice section, fruit section and so forth.

Create My Chocolate 

   Am I getting your mouth salivating yet? I thought the coolest thing is that on some sites they offer real gold flakes! Nothing says, "I love you babe" than a chocolate and gold combined. Perfect.

   Now you'll find that since these bars are not exactly your typical gas station chocolate so you'll won't be paying dirt cheap prices. Depending on what you all want your price typical starts from $6 and up. So choose wisely what you want in your bar.

I think these are brilliant gift ideas, especially for stocking stuffers!


his little lady said...

this is so amazing! definitely doing this for stocking stuffers FOR SURE!
p.s. you are up on the blog today! :)

Gentri said...

Just popped over from mr Taylor and his lady! I am already in love and a faithful new follower! You and your blog are so cute!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

great idea for stocking stuffer. how can i subtely let my hubby know this exists so i can get one in my stocking? hmm.

My Life as Whitney said...

MAKE YOUR OWN chocolate bar!?!? Where has this been all of my life? Love it.

stephanie said...

just stumbled on your blog from mr. taylor and his lady and you are too cute! those chocolate bars look adorable! i wonder if i could make them vegan?! xo

Emma Frances said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I want some! The packaging is gorgeous! :] I'm over here from Mr. Taylor and His Lady and I already love your blog!! xoxo, Emma

Unknown said...

that chocolate is so neat! i just found your blog from Mr. Taylor and His Lady and I'm so glad to find another Canadian blogger! seems like we are few and far between. family in saskatchewan? that's where I'm at! I'm definitely a new follower!