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Marriage, Love and Fun: Lauren

   Today's Marriage, Love and Fun feature I have Lauren, a fellow blogger. She has quite a cute little love story and she hasn't been married long she has some great thoughts on marriage.

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1) Tell us about how you and Matthew met.
Matthew and I met at our local mall through mutual friends some time in 2004 or 2005. A close friend of mine at the time dated a close friend of his so we spent a lot of time together. I had a huge crush on him and actually made the first move in asking him if he wanted to date me. He said that he didn't really want a serious relationship at the time, but he'd like to date and that he'd be happy if it turned into a serious relationship eventually. Well, so much for that because he introduced me to his (entire) family six days after we began dating. He and I actually began dating December 18th, 2005. (I was fifteen and he was seventeen.) We were inseparable from the very beginning of our relationship. We spent most of our free time together and if we ever hung out with friends, we hung out as a group so we could spend as much time together as possible. (And if we weren't together, we were running up our parents' phone bills by talking every waking minute. I used to fall asleep and wake up and he'd totally still be on the other line.) He had planned to ask me to marry him June 18th, 2007 (our year and a half anniversary - he told me this later, obviously,) but ended up asking me on June 15th, 2007 because he was too excited to wait three more days. (I was sixteen and he was nineteen.) He asked me to marry him when he came over to open my door to let me out of the car. (My gentleman! He's always done this.) He was incredibly nervous and adorable. We were married on September 13th, 2010. (Two days before I turned twenty, and Matthew was twenty-two.) We had our son February 3rd, 2010. We love life so incredibly much and are so glad to enjoy it together. We are so blessed to have found each other early in life.

2) What's been one or some of the unexpected challenges you were faced at the beginning of your marriage?
To be honest, we haven't really had any challenges, expected or otherwise. We loved each other just as much when we were dating as we do now, so not much has changed. Except my last name.

3) Now the good stuff, how have you kept the romance alive in your marriage? Any stories, pratical adivce or ideas you have?
Matthew and I are best friends. We always have been. We can be completely silly or completely serious. (That photo up there is quite attractive, no?) We talk everything (and I honestly mean everything) out. Even the seemingly minuscule things. We see eye-to-eye on just about everything, and we discuss every possible thing that comes into our minds. He and I hung out so much as teenagers that our friends were irritated by it and we 'lost' some of them as friends. He and I never were into drinking, drugs or partying and all of our friends turned out to be into them, so we know that the ending of 'friendship' with these folks was for the best.

4) Any advice you want to give to newly couples?
Sure, why not?! My advice is to be honest. About everything. Mess up? Tell them. Even if you think it'll break their heart. Tell them. Think they're awesome and just want to let them know? Spontaneity is awesome! Spend a ton of time together. All the time you can. And make sure to talk. A lot. And talk about anything and absolutely everything. Enjoy each other's company and make sure to compromise. My hubby and I may be young, but we've been together for a long, long time. (Over 1/4 of both of our lives!) Go against the grain and don't give into 'friends' and other peoples' opinions about how you two should live your lives. Do. It. For. You. Obviously the most important advice I can give is to make sure to give them all your love!

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