Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Glorious Canned Peaches

   Hidden in my laundry room cupboards are four jars of plump, golden canned peaches. They remain put away until the right time, the right recipe comes along that is worthy enough for the first seal to be broken.

   A few weekends back my mother-in-law came down for a visit and came bearing these precious gifts. Since I have no skills in the canning department these four jars will be the only canned items we'll have all winter. How does one ration them out wisely? Currently their value is probably right up their with gold in our house. It'll be quite a momentous occasion when we pull down one of the jars and I know Jonathan is greatly looking forward to that day.

   For now I'm simply researching different recipes that will best suit canned peaches. But honestly the best sounding thing these days is simply a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with the peaches and syrup drizzled on top or even better a peach pie.

   Either way the day a jar is open will be a glorious day indeed!


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

yum! canned peaches are so great.. I recently tried pickled peaches and pickled cherries and they were pretty divine.

Anonymous said...

Just eat them like that. Simple is the BEST :-)
-From your siser

Cassandra said...

Yummm!!! when I was a kid, we'd have canned peaches with toast for breakfast whenever we'd go to my grandma's house :)

Amanda Y said...

I want to learn how to can things, seems like such a lost art!

monicutte said...

Now I am hungry!
They look lovely!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Gray Skies said...

I LOVE canned peaches! My mom would always give me a few jars every year, too, but they disappeared so fast that I finally decided to can some myself this year! So now we have 14 beautiful jars of peaches waiting to be eaten during the winter :)