Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cute Bow Mittens DIY

   Here's a very easy and quick diy for these cute little bow mittens I made later last week. They're such a fun way to add a little girlyness to those cheap 99 cent mittens you can buy everywhere this time of year.

   You'll need some felt of your colour choice, a package of mittens (I suggest a package because they're so easy to make that you can make some for friends as well), scissors and hot glue.

   Cut the felt into strips of your desired thickness for the bows. Fold over the ends of one strip to the center and glue down to create the "bow". Also cut the edges of a medium size strip into little angles as you see bellow.

   Glue the small strip around the "bow" and the glue down onto the angled strip.

   Simply glue your bow onto your mittens and now you have some cute jazzed up winter mitts! Enjoy and share with friends!


Gentri said...

Cute!!! Aw! I love it! I need to try this. :)
I'm hosting a giveaway right now and would love if you entered miss Teaka!

Unknown said...

oh my. that's adorable. :))

Emme said...

soooo cute! i'm totally copying you.

Zane said...

the bows look so cute ;)