Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Taste Off

   Jonathan and I just returned from a wonderful time back home for Thanksgiving. We were thrilled to have some friends join us for the long trip home and spend the weekend with us on the farm. I think they enjoyed themselves. I hope so as I sure enjoyed having them around. That mixed in with family, fun times and the food really made for a memorable weekend.

   We had our big dinner Saturday evening and the whole family was able to be there which was a real delight. I thought I'd just give you guys a sneak peak into the the amazing food we partook of that evening.

   Normally we never have double of anything but as it turned out we ended having two of  a couple dishes, carrots and pumpkin cheese cakes.

Joel (my brother) and Elizabeth (my sister) ended up creating two amazing looking carrot dishes. I'll have to admit here that I'm not a picky eater but there's always been one thing I don't really enjoy and that's cooked carrots. Regardless I tasted both and both were rather good.

   Joel's version was carrot cooked on the barbeque with brown sugar and a variety of other spices. While Elizabeth's version was mixed colored carrots baked in the oven with onion and olive oil.

   Mean while for dessert Stacy (Joel's wife) and Jonathan (my hubby) brought out some amazing pumpkin cheese cakes.

   Of course both were seriously amazing. Stacy made a real cheese cake with gingerbread crust while Jonathan's was more like pie form with graham cracker crust.

   This was only a small peak of some of the food from the weekend. We laughed because there seemed to be no shortage of food during any time of the day.  I'm pretty sure I gained 5 pounds. But hey, that's Thanksgiving for you.


Julia said...

Yum! They all look & sound amazing!!
I sometimes roast carrots with parsnips, cumin, butter & maple syrup - sounds random but I like it

Anonymous said...

Teaka, your thanksgiving looked amazing! all the food looks great... and you have at least 2 months before having to worry about Christmas weight gain! ;)
Amanda Hogue

Amanda Y said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Megan said...

Yumm! You're making me hungry - that cheesecake looks amazing...