Friday, October 07, 2011

Thanksgiving Reminiscing

   I'm so excited! It's Thanksgiving this weekend. For all those outside of Canada our thanksgiving falls on Oct 10th. Which means that Jonathan and I get to go home to my farm (best place in the whole world) and spend the long weekend with my side of the family.

   I was thinking about Thanksgiving three years ago in 2008. Jonathan and I were still dating, not even engaged yet and he brought up this idea that his family should spend the holiday with my family on the farm. What a scary thought! The idea of my boy friend's parent's, brother and sister in law spending the weekend with my parents and my many siblings without having ever met was quite daunting. To be honest I still wasn't sure if my siblings even liked Jonathan yet. Haha!

   But that Thanksgiving Jonathan's family came and much to my surprise the parents hit it off great! Even my siblings all seemed to approve of Jonathan's one brother and his wife.

   Looking back I still chuckle at the thought of having a boyfriend's parents over for a weekend. The idea as a whole is crazy as it's the common view that many in-law and parent deal with disputes and rivalries. Yet I'm so blessed my parents and his parents get along so well. In fact his parents spent the weekend on the farm again just this past Easter.

   This thanksgiving we'll be spending it with my growing family, including some friends that will be coming along with us and who knows who else will be sitting around the thanksgiving table.

Anyways with the holiday spirit here's some thanksgiving ideas on my Pinterest.

DIY Autumn Tree
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You can find the full idea on Ruffles and Stuff blog

Pumpkin Pie French Toast (I'm hoping to make these one morning this weekend)
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Get recipe on Closet Cooking blog

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Idea found from La Dolfina blog

For those in Canada, have a wonderful time with family and friends during your thanksgiving.


Nicole said...

Yummy! I definitely think I'm going to make that french toast this weekend while at home at my farm.

Kari Jeanne said...

Love this post! Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays - I adore every picture you put up. Have a great weekend at home!!

his little lady said...

that feather table setting is gorgeous! thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! that and christmas! adore!
xo TJ

StarletStarlet said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Pie french toast sounds super good!

Julia said...

Gorgeous shots, they make me wish we had Thanksgiving here!

Have a wonderful time with friends & family xox

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Aw man... pumpkin pie French Toast sounds amaaazing.

Is it always October 10th? I thought it was just the second Monday in October? Either way, Canadian Thanksgiving rocks and is obviously highly superior to American Thanksgiving (kidding, hehe) namely because it actually takes place at harvest time...

Megan said...

Love the little feathers on the napkin! Although, my first thought was "BIRD FLU"