Monday, October 03, 2011

Saturday Evening Walk

   Just this last Saturday Jonathan and I found that we both had our evenings free and so decided we'd do something together. So early in that evening, after he came home from a friends house and I was finished up with my homework we headed down the the river bottom to check out the view now that colors are changing.

For all those who read my last post where I feared I lost my ring, well as you can see on my finger it was found. It was right where I thought I thought left it! Yay!
   We took a very quite path way by the river and after some exploring Jonathan convinced me to enter the No Trespassing area where we found some even more beautiful spots. I'm sure though many people take that way through the park. It's just overly law abiding citizens like me that find this "trespassing" slightly thrilling.

   I love the river bottom because there's so many random structures and things that maybe once had a purpose but no longer work or lead to no wheres. It's quite an interesting park with so much history and beauty.

   I was telling Jonathan that even though I'm looking forward to one day moving to a town closer to my family I'll miss the river bottoms here in Lethbridge. I know other cities have beautiful parks and walk ways but I highly doubt they'll be as breath taking as the Old Man River.

   I'm happy it's yet another week. I can't believe it's October already. Definitely starting to look and feel like it.


Emme said...

how lovely. autumn walks are just great. happy you found your ring! what a relief. i find stupid things like trespassing thrilling as well haha. i guess i'm just a goody-two-shoes.

dear winsome said...

the river looks so pretty, i love the fall weather!


Julia said...

That's so good you found your ring!!! You must be so relieved.

What a nice way to spend time together, it's such a beautiful place, especially with the autumn leaves.