Friday, October 28, 2011

New Brooch and Trading Ad Space

   Look at the cute brooch I found yesterday at Value Village. Cute hey!

   So obviously this is a short post but I just wanted to offer up a trade to other fellow bloggers before this busy weekend kicks into gear.  If you have a cute blog and want to have some free add space I'll trade you my blog button for your blog button for about a month or so.

   You can contact me at if your interested. I'd love to have some more pretty/fun  links for my readers.

   Hope you all have a wonderful, productive/relaxing weekend! You deserve it!


Unknown said...

Love your new brooch!

Amanda Y said...

I'd love to trade buttons, but I don't even have a button to trade! hah. Maybe once I get that sorted?!

Great brooch.

skippysays said...

That brooch is amazing- perfectly quirky and fun. Love it :)

Rachel said...

Lovely brooch! I heart unique finds like those. Found you through Oh Lulu, I'm a fellow blogger who won a space on her blog as well! I'd love to trade with you too :)
Let's be lazy and use the buttons on her blog, yes?
P.S. I'll have yours up by tomorrow