Monday, October 17, 2011

My Favorit Dress

Over the period of years I've accumulated a few articles of clothing that have remained a staple or favored among all other items I own. I thought I'd share with you my few top clothing items in my wardrobe.

Yellow Cardigan
   To start with I don't know how long I've had this yellow cardigan for. I think it's got to be around 3 years now. I believe I found it in Smart Sets. It's been through so much including random photo shoots, I wore it during my wedding, it has a few paint stains and over time it's slowly shrunk when its accidentally been put in the dryer. It's that one item I own that I don't know how I'll ever replace it when it's too small or too worn out to wear anymore.

Flower Dress
   This simple flower dress was purchased just this spring and it remains a favorit among my other dresses and skirts. I got it in a small shop in our local mall called Byran's. I just love the pattern and the way the dress feels on me. I doubt I'll be wearing it much this winter so sadly I'll have to put it away during those long cold months. Yet for now I can just pair it with tights and hope to keep warm.

Gold Pendant Necklace
   This is probably my oldest items I'm wearing. People often ask me if it's vintage or an antique and where did I get it from. Well it's just from Aldo's and I bought it there about 4 or 5 years ago. So though it's old for me it's really not vintage. I wear it at least twice a week. It's my most obvious choice when it comes to wearing a necklace and I can't stop loving the way it looks with so many different outfits.

Yellow Shoes
   Lastly my beloved yellow flats. During the summers I practically live in them. Being yellow, obviously my favorite color, they always brighten up my outfits. But I also adore my shoes because they're the same ones I wore during my wedding. The morning of my wedding when I was getting ready my sister had secretly inscribed a cute message on  the inside, "Today I marry Jonathan". It was so sweet and though the inscription has faded and smeared from so much wear I still can make some of it out.


Emme said...

what a cute outfit! i love all the pieces. and how funny that they all go together. i just love the inscription in your shoe. that's really original and romantic :) also, i love your hair! such a great look for you.

Lillian said...

I think the idea of writing inside of shoes is too sweet! I totally know how it is when you just want to wear all your favorite things at once, it is such a great feeling.

KaraB said...

Very cute! I love that she wrote in the shoes. You have always had a cool sense of style!

Vantage Point Vintage said...

I love it! Adorable outfit!

Nicole D

thegirlhassparke said...

This is such a great post idea! I have clothes in my cupboard that I war once a week and other that only make an appearance every few months.

Megan said...

What a cute outfit!! You are lovely :) And the shoes are darling.

Fay Oberdorf said...

Love your blog design!
how do you get it like this ?


dear winsome said...

so cute, the necklace is super cool!