Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evening Read

   When I went home from for Thanksgiving my sister gave me a little gift of two books. The first was a kids book for my future baby. I got a good laugh from it since there's no baby on the way.  Regardless it's still a cute book. She also found this book called Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco. It's about turning your creative hobby into a business. I love books like this and have read a few business/craft inspired books and blogs.

   I spent the most part of last night after classes reading this book. It's a very simple read, with lots of great interviews of individuals who've succeeded in the craft industry. I love reading about how people succeeded and some tips they may have. Mind you there's a lot of basic information in the book but it's always nice to go over things again.

   I felt lazy reading a book like this when instead I should have been in my sewing room working on a new project. Yet it was such a cozy evening that my ambitions were gone and all I desired was to read. It also didn't help that Jonathan turned on the furnace (first time since spring) and started watching Elf. It was just one of those cozy nights.

   Anyway, have you read any books that has helped you along in your journey to start your own small business? If so I'd love to know about it and maybe pick up my own copy.


Anonymous said...

what were some of the tips they offered? the book looks soooo cute :) I've been avidly following and she's got quite a few followers... and I love it! Keep blogging :)

Amanda Hogue

Teaka said...

Well I haven't gone through the whole book as of yet. But I really enjoyed the time priority chapter. I think my biggest problem is placing my sewing at the top of my "To Do" lists. This book was great is sharing ways to make it a priority and how to carve away time slots to make it happen. :)

Thanks for reading my blog. I love and miss you my dear friend!

Emme said...

you seem so ambitious teaka! always working on this or reading that. very inspiring.
and i love the photo of you reading. the lighting is cool and it looks like a still from a movie.