Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Elizabeth's One Year Without Makeup

   Do you think you could go one full year without makeup? For many of you reading this your first reactions probably something like, "Heck no! Who could?"
   Well my sister Elizabeth (my twin) challenged herself to go as minimalist as possible with her makeup and today’s post is all about her journey.

How did it all begin?
   On Oct 12, 2010, after listening to a friend talk about the chemicals and potential harm makeup can do when it seeps into the skin, Elizabeth decided to attempt one week with no makeup. It seemed simple but that week, though tough, she decided to go for a whole month and after that month she committed to a year.  She said it wasn’t an easy process or easy to break that daily habit. Putting on make up every morning had become a routine for her, like most of us, and the idea of always putting our “best foot forward” and looking our best seemed like a must for her daily life.  She began to think about how men are very natural looking and as women we find their rugged looks, handsome and attractive. It’s a question everyone asks but she began to think more deeply into why can`t women be beautiful on a day to day bases without having to enhance themselves. Plus makeup can be super bad for you.

What was the hardest part or phase in wearing no makeup?
   The biggest hurdle was her issues with her eyes as she felt she had too dark of circles under them and that her eyes were too small. Which I think is none sense but we all have our own issues with our bodies and faces.
   During the first months she was with some friends when one of them asked her, “Are you feeling ok? You don`t look so good.” She had worn her contacts that evening and without glasses she already felt vulnerable not being able to hide her eyes and now a friend (unintentionally) noticed she was not looking how he normally saw her. She replied, “ I`m feeling perfectly find. That`s all just apart of my face”. To her it was one of the toughest moments when even her friends didn't think she look healthy without makeup.

Once you finished your full year how did things change for you?
   Elizabeth said that one year was tough but awesome! Though she did still curls her eyelashes and randomly put on lip stain that really was the extent of her daily makeup. What a freeing experience as she could rub her eyes, cry, sweat and have no fear about streaks or blotches on her face.  But most importantly she said that, "It`s such a wonderful feeling to know that people are use to my face now, without the enhancement. The real me. I love that".
“Going to my classes I see girls with dyed, smooth hair, make up, nail polish, and random other  unnatural  things on their bodies.  They look beautiful and put together. Mean while you can tell which girls didn't put as much effort into their appearance that morning and they have frizzy hair, no or very little make up, and they`re natural. Their natural beauty is over looked for something chemically done up. Somethings not right.”

   During this process she said she was very aware that she looked different than the typical beauty around her but that`s just something mentally she had to get over. Who cares if people think you`re lazy or don`t know how to take care of yourself in that sort of way. If anything Elizabeth knows more about natural oils, cleansers and keeping the skin healthy than most average girls out there.  She`s got pours (we all do),  circles under her eyes, pale uneven skin and that`s all God given beauty. She`s real, healthy and beautiful!
   “I am proud of the fact that what you see is what you get. No tricking. It`s all natural and I feel good!”

  Personally I`m not ready to undergo a full year without make up as I`m sure most or all of you aren't either. We all have our own excuses and reasons why we have to wear it. Personally my fear is that I think my husband wouldn't find me as beautiful. That`s a huge issues in and of itself. But I admire my sister`s story and her wisdom on this subject. I wish I could have gotten her to write it as she could have really gone into depth and you`d be able to feel her passion about it. I love her so much and if you know her personally you know as well how amazing of a person she really is.


Nicole said...

Elizabeth is an inspiration! That amazes me how she struggled at first because when I see her now the last thing I see is a lack of make up. I think we could all take a lesson from her and show off our natural beauty.

KaraB said...

I love this. I don't wear makeup at all except for really special occasions. Sometimes I feel like I don't measure up, but I have also gotten compliments on my clear skin, as it is not as affected by the chemicals. I am also hesitant about the long term effects of the chemicals, which makes it easier to go without. I love how Elizabeth grew to feel more comfortable without it. I also loved your comments about how natural female beauty is not as appreciated.
Thank you for sharing!

Emme said...

wow! this is really inspiring and cool. it must have been really challenging mentally and emotionally.
i thought you might find this interesting:

Anonymous said...

That is so great to hear! I use a very minimal amount of makeup, but none at all is amazing! Kudos, Elizabeth!

Your blog looks great, Teaka! I noticed the makeover and I'm thoroughly impressed. Did you do it yourself of have help?


Amanda Y said...

Wow! What a great challenge for your sister to take on- Congrats to her!

Alexandra said...

Wow, and your skin looks beautiful (of course because of beeing make-up free :))!