Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 1st

   I can't believe that the summer "break" has gone by so quickly. It's already September 1st. Only 7 days left until I'm back to my classes, swamped in homework and dreaming about the Christmas holidays. Mind you I'm also looking forward to the rush of it all and always having something to do.

   Yesterday was the big trigger for getting me mentally ready to go back to school. I had the day off from work because we simply didn't have enough things to work on. So all day I tried my best to keep myself occupied with errands, house hold chores, took a long walk and even a nap. But after all of that I realized I still had a few hours to kill and found myself bored out of my mind. I desperately desired to have homework or some form of meaning or goal for that day.

   For that reason alone school is great as it gives me a schedule to follow and I like to know what I need to do next. I'm terrible at not doing anything.

   Anyways, today feels like autumn is trying to break into the scene and take over summer. I love the fall season so I don't mind one bit.

I can't wait to pull out all my warm sweaters, boots and jackets! Best season ever!

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