Friday, September 09, 2011

Ruche Posted My Love Story

   My heart skipped a beat when I found out Ruche just posted me and my husbands love story!!!

   I love Ruche clothing and their blog! this is pretty awesome!

Read our love story on Ruche Blog


Unknown said...

that is super awesome! I just read it and it is beautiful. It makes me want to write my own down, just in case I forget all the fun details. I wish you both the best in your marriage, congrats on your story getting featured!

Lillian said...

That is so sweet! I love reading stories like that, they give my bitter single-girl heart hope for love!!!

Maybe I wont end up as a crazy cat lady after all.

Blue said...

Wow, congrats, off to read the story right now!

Loretta said...

awwwww. xx

Emme said...

how exciting!!!! that's awesome. i love your story :)