Friday, September 09, 2011

New Things Happening

   Have you ever been so excited for something that for weeks on end you find yourself falling asleep thinking about those plans, ultimately dreaming about them and then waking up in the morning only to have your mind still racing with thoughts and ideas.

   For months now I've been excited about what I'll be doing once school is over but now that I'm figuring out how to narrow in my focus I can't stop thinking and dreaming about what I need to do in order to make those plans come true.

   It's almost too hard to even stay focused on classes, even though I've only been back to school for two days. I've got to harness in my desires so I can learn what I need to do and use it for my advantage. 

   Anyways so one of the things I'm looking into is to improve the quality of my blog to help promote my future designs and dream business.  I'm wanting to make it more eyes catching, user friendly, start posting more of my sewing projects,  DIY ideas or experiments I've tried, of course updates with school, progress of my future design business and other fun posts like a weekly guest interviews about keeping the fun and sweetness in marriage.

   Earlier this week I began a blogging e-course through one of my favorite bloggers, A Beautiful Mess called Blog Love. So far it's been such an insightful read and has given so many help tips and hints to help improve my blog and the the experience for my readers.

   I'm also looking into getting another blogger to redesign the look of my blog into a style that better sets the mood for the type of blog I want.

   Right now all I can think about is sewing and designing clothing but I know that I want to use my blog to promote my designs to the whole indies fashion blogging world. This seems like the best way.

   I'm so excited!

   Stay tuned as there's going to be a lot of changes. I hope you all will like them.


Emme said...

yay! just reading this made me excited for you! it sounds like you're got some good things planned and i can't wait to see how everything goes for you. i'm sure whatever you decide to do you'll be successful. you're just one of those people :)

Amara Boss said...

Yahoo! This is quite exciting. I already quite enjoy your blog as it is, so I can only imagine :) Also, if you ever need someone to sew things for just let me know :p you're awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I wanted to take that e-course (and all of their other ones!), too. So happy that you're enjoying it.

I'm in just about the same spot as you are. Ready to take the next step and make your blog more "you" and more easy to get pulled into. This month I sponsored Rachel Denbow's blog, and it's bringing in some more views from her blog to mine. Maybe that's something you can consider?


Teaka said...

Thanks jeeze Julia! I've been to Rachels sight a few times and in the future I'd love to sponsor other bloggers and advertise through them! :)