Monday, September 05, 2011

My New Pocket Skirt

   This summer I can proudly announce that I've over come my fear of exposing my legs. For literally years I avoided dresses, skirts and even shorts because I simply hated my legs. Though I'll admit even today I'm not in love with them but I'm not ashamed to keep hidden. I committed this summer to wear as many dresses and skirts as possible to get over my silly phobia and for the most part it worked. I never thought I'd say this but I'd much rather wear something with a skirt than I would jeans. It's a true miracle.
   Over these last few months I've invested in 3 new dresses and 2 skirts and I've sewn two skirts as well. All of them I find myself wearing over and over again.

   Anyways I just wanted to share my new joy for all things with a skirt.

   Saturday I sewed another skirt, nothing fancy, but I rather LOVE it and so I wanted to show it off. It's simple, greyish denim with a deep coral red strip along the bottom, thick elastic waist band and inset pockets on the side.

   On another side note, school will be starting up again this Wednesday. As I've mentioned in bogs past, I'm looking forward to getting things started again but even more so hopefully getting enough practice to start things up in my own life. Isn't the future so exciting!

   Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone!


Amanda Y said...

Teaka, I am loving that skirt!!
Can you pass along the pattern name for me? I'm a huge skirt wear'er and this looks like a great everyday skirt, one that you could dress up or down depending on the material.


Kari Jeanne said...

You made that!?! Ummm amazing - seriously it is so adorable!!

Emme said...

teaka! that skirt is beautiful! want to sew me one? it looks so professional done. it reminds me of j.crew.
and i don't know why on earth you'd be scared to show off your legs, they're awesome! heck, they're better than my legs. maybe i should be wary of wearing skirts from now on? haha.

Marzipan said...

I really love your skirt!

Julia Topaz said...

you have lovely legs!

Katie said...

That skirt is so lovely! xo

Lillian said...

I pretty much ONLY wear skirts and dresses, because they are swingy and swirly and fun and SO much more comfortable in the heat. Once you start wearing them you will never go back!!!!

Amanda Y said...

I've commented on my blog re: your comment, but wanted to make a quick comment on here. (There's got to be a better way!)

Thanks for the tips and sharing your advice on the skirt. I will give it a try, and take a look at the pattern you mentioned. I am sure if I get to make one, I will blog about it. :)

Iulia Romana said...

I adore your skirt - especially the fabric :x

Emma-lee said...

This skirt is so pretty!