Friday, September 30, 2011

Mishmash From This Week

   Oh my goodness! I realized this morning while I was at work that I'm only wearing my wedding band. Where did my engagement ring go? Ssssh don't tell my husband. I pray that it's just on my bathroom counter top and I just forgot to put it on.

   So beyond this horrible feeling in the bottom of my stomach that I lost my engagement ring I had a pretty wonderful week and even morning. Fridays come so quickly and lately I've been feeling like I've been doing a poor job at coming up with good blog post. Most thing I want to write about are so small they don't really need a whole post dedicated to them. So instead here's a weekly round of a few of the smaller things I'd like to tell you about.

1) Finally got my Adobes Student package in. Once of the perks of being a student is you get an incredible deal on adobe programs. I was able to purchase Adobes Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Acrobat X Pro and Adobe Lightroom all for only under $350! Crazy hey. I'm happy to finally have Illustrator because now I don't have to drive to the college just to create a fashion flat. Instead I can work from the comforts of my home. Plus Jonathan really likes Photoshop and Lightroom for his photo editing. I'm hoping to become more familiar with these programs as well.

2) Currently I'm loving my classes. I was rather nervous going back into the design stream as I was unsure of how quickly I'd pick things up but I'm thrilled I'm catching on and caught up with everyone else. On top of that my draping class isn't giving me as much grief as it once was. I can actually do this! The more I learn the more I realize my dreams to become a seamstress are really attainable. 

3) I'm looking to purchase serger in the near future. Sadly I don't know much about them. I know how to work them, domestic and industrial but when it comes to purchasing one for myself I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. I want something that will last me for year and year and can handle a lot of sewing, easy threading, could just be a 4 threader and under $600. Is that even possible? Have any advice for me?

4) Lastly Jr. Youth is starting up at my church again. I'm so looking forward to crazy Friday nights, running around with the youth and just having a blast with them. This is going to be a good year for Jr. Youth!


Nataly said...

Thanks for the follow! You will love working with MaieDae she does a wonderful job!! :) Can't wait to see what your design will look like. Have a great weekend!

grace said...

so glad I found your blog! And thanks for visiting Her Umbrella. Hopefully you'll visit again and subscribe...

and I've "lost" or had that feeling a couple times with different jewelry - I'm sure it's on that counter top!


Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Thanks for your sweet comment girl! So great to hear someone who loves what they're studying, I majorly need to work on my sewing skills haha. Good luck with your ring, things usually show up eventually (or hope so with my 2 fav bracelets!)! have a good weekend : )

Sanam said...

well i hope you find your ring!

p.s. super lovely blog :)


Kaleido Mind said...

i hope you find it!!!=X

Alexandra Joy said...

I also volunteer with Jr. High youth at my church. Such an adventure! ;)