Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fabric Covered Hangers

   I had some time to kill  yesterday and so I began looking through my fabric draws thinking I should tidy things up. I didn't realize how much scrap material I had laying around and man can it fill up a lot of space. I figured I better find a way to use up a bit or throw it out. After doing some thinking I was reminded of my grandma's fancy ribbon covered hangers she use to make. Those ribbon and polyester wrapped hangers weren't exactly my style but I figured with all this extra fabric I had on hand (fabric that I liked) I could try my hand at it.

   It's super simple and I really love the end result.

   All you need are a few of your ugly plastic hangers. I clipped off the strap hooks so I'd have a cleaner looking hanger. Also a hot glue gun, scissors for cutting up your scraps and of course scrap fabric of your choice.

   Cut the fabric into strips about 1 inch in thickness. It doesn't matter how long just as long as you have enough strips to cover a hanger.

   Start by taping or gluing the fabric onto the bottom of the hanger and just start wrapping around. Every once and while tap down or glue down the fabric just to keep things in place.

   Just keep going around and around and when you run out of one strip just glue down the next piece and keep going. When you get to the end of the hook just wrap it to one side, glue down and presto, you've got a lovely fabric covered hanger!

They're great for hanging your "special somethings" on. *wink wink* As the fabric helps keep any straps from slipping off.

Enjoy your new pretty hangers!


Charlene said...

How CREATIVE Teaka - THANKS for sharing!!!!

Emme said...

wow! super cute idea!