Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DYI Braided Scarf

The weather's been cooling off each morning and evening and I'm finding myself resorting to warmer cloths and scarves to keep me warm. Lately I've wanted something that felt a bit more chunky yet not suffocating so decided to try making one of those braided jersey scarves. They're nothing new and I'm not reinventing the wheel as I've seen them around but I've never wanted to buy one as I figured they'd be way too easy to make. 

Turns out they're pretty easy and fun to make. Here's a DIY for making this braided scarf.

Step 1) You'll need just jersey knit fabric, scissors and a sewing machine. Cut two meter long strips about two to three inches wide each. I wanted two braids so I cute 6 strips.

Step 2)  Sew the strips right sides together and pull them through so the seam is inside and they look like ropes. Braid and knot ends so the braid doesn't unwind.

3) Cut out another strip of jersey to the width you'd like. This just adds extra warm and bulk to your scarf. Sew ends together and then sew the braid ends on top of the seam.

4)  Hand stitch a lace trimming over the ugly braid ends and seams to cover things up and look neat.

5) Tada! Now you have an awesome braided scarf. You can wear it long or how I like too and wrap it around your neck twice for that chunky look.

Best of luck on your adventures of braided scarves!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Idea! Love the braided chunky look, and it looks so good on you :) Glad your coming up with ways to keep warm in chilly Alberta!

Amanda Hogue

Amber said...

My sister thinks this is amazing! She has now requested I make her one for her birthday lol! Love seeing your creations and ideas :)

Julia Topaz said...

fantastic idea!

mikey said...

We made one of these for my aunt she loves it

Johanna Kennedy said...

I have to tell you, I buy accessories for a retail store in our city. I found a similar scarf like this one at Market and brought it into our store. It sold like hot cakes! AND your design is much better! Here's to a fabulous, successful career ahead of you! Bless you! Johanna K. (www.bythewaters.org)