Monday, September 12, 2011

The Blooming Gladiolus Field

   I'll be the first to admit I can not wait for summer to be over and for autumn to kick into gear. It's the cooler days, the changing colors and cozy atmosphere that I love. Yet I have to remind myself to always enjoy the seasons I'm in as they change so quickly here in Canada.

   Even though I'm longing for autumn I can't ignore the evident beauties summer still has to show off. Such as a field full of blossoming gladiolus flowers!

   Earlier in the spring I wrote a post about helping plant rows and rows of gladiolus bulbs, Working in a Gladiolus Field. It's a shame because I had been doing that for a few years but never once had the opportunity to see the field when it was blooming and full of flowers. So finally yesterday in the early evening I made Jonathan come with me to the field to check it out and take some pictures.

   It was quite a lovely sight! Though I guess since the flowers were late this year there were still a lot that had not blossomed yet. Regardless for the amount of flowers that were blossoming it still felt like a sea of crazy colors.

   These pictures don't do the field justice. It's actually a lot larger than you would think too, I think around acre of land, I could be wrong. Regardless it's pretty big.

   Though, as I said before I honestly can't wait for the autumn seasons but it's still scenes like this that allow me to enjoy summer just that little bit longer.


Anonymous said...

I feel just the same way! I'm in New England, so our seasons are very much the same as yours (depending on where in Canada you are). Today feels like summer still, but yesterday there was the distinct nip of fall in the air!

I came over to your blog after reading your comment on mine. Your blog is so lovely, too! Can't wait to read on :)


Amanda Y said...

To stroll through a field of flowers- how pretty!

dear winsome said...

Gorgeous photos, that field is so lovely!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Gorgeous photos! Your shirt is so pretty!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

I can't imagine how beautiful the fields were if you say your pictures don't do it justice, they are so pretty! That's so great you helped plant as well. Enjoy the seasons, we don't have much of it in central Arizona!