Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thirteen Days Till School Begins

   Thirteen days until my last year of school begins. Words can not express how much I'm looking forward to moving on in my life.

    Often I hear students who are done college or who know they soon will be leaving post secondary education say something along the lines about how unsure they are about what to do next. Which is totally understandable and I get where they're coming from. Plus like many group things you build a core group of friends and you realize that once that season is over in your life you may never see those people again, which is a rather sad thought.

   Yet personally I can not wait for this season of my life to be complete. It's been a blast and I've enjoyed schooling but with my future goals and plans I can't help but get anxious to start things up. Get things moving on in my life.

   So 13 till school starts and around 250 days until I'm done school! Awesome!

   P.S. I cut my bangs on Sunday. I just took a pair of scissors and cut away. Something different. I rather like them.

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Pirate of The Napkins said...

I love the bangs! :) They suit you rather well.