Friday, August 19, 2011

Saskatchewan Farm

   This will be the last post from my previous weekend with my family. I promise!

   It had been well over two years since I had been  on the farm during the midst of summer. Sure I go home for holidays and random trips but these trips always fell during the fall to late spring time. Basically I hadn't seen the farm in all it's glory for a long time and what a sight for sore eyes with flowers, greenery and colour every where!

   Last year Dad had completed the deck on our house and following that he built Mom a beautiful full flower bed around two sides of the deck. It's been a while since Mom's had beautiful flowers but this year she could proudly show off her hard work. The house and flower bed were breath taking. At least to me.

   Random side note, I was going to get married on that deck last year spring. Sadly the rain was too much that it made the ground for to muddy for the guest. Wouldn't it have been such a beautiful spot for a wedding!

   Mom's garden was looking fantastic and she let us sneak some carrots and peas for tasting. This may look like a nice size garden but normally it's triple to quadruple this size. With such a large family we had to have a huge garden to help sustain us during the winter. I remember many summer days pulling weeds in that garden. Not exactly the highlight of my summer holidays but it's just part of living on a farm. What doesn't kill you only makes you strong eh?

   Mom also has a few flowers growing in there along with some by a near by shed and a barn. So we had quite a lovely time picking flowers. So many to choose from.

   It must be noted that the beautiful women picking flowers is not me but my sister, Elizabeth.

   Another highlight about going home was seeing the apple orchard that's right across from the veggie garden. I believe we have about 8 to 10 apple trees of all different flavors, two plumb trees and a few areas with strawberry plants and rhubarb. There weren't any apple or plumbs ready to be eaten but you could see there were quite a few green apples that would soon be ready. Probably within the next month there will be quite a harvest. It's quite a lovely sight when all the trees are full.

   I wish I had taken even more photos as there's so many beautiful things on the farm, the barns, dame, the "forest" behind our house with all the walk ways and the list goes on.

   My hope is that Dad and Mom will still be on the farm when Jonathan and I have kids. I think it's just a (sorry for my lame expression) magical, awesome place.

I love the farm!

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Emme said...

oh my gosh. your parents place looks like something from a fairy tale! how incredibly beautiful.
i too spent lots of summer days weeding our enormous vegetable garden.
all these picture make me want to visit there sometime! and what a great place to bring your future children to visit. i'm sure they'll love it :)