Friday, August 26, 2011


   I was thinking the other day about phone chats with people and how bad I really am at picking up a phone and giving a friend or family member a call. It's something I hardly ever do any more. Probably once or maybe twice a week I'll have a phone date with Elizabeth my sister and the odd time a phone chat with my Mom or Dad but that's honestly it. I just never think to call people up just to chat.

   Maybe it's because I find myself surrounded by other means of communication like textings, e-mails or facebook. It's totally lame that I'll use those methods to get my message across rather than pick up a phone to talk one on one with a person.

   Or maybe it's because I have limited long distance on my cell phone. Anyways, so do you use your phone for more chatting or texting?


Emme said...

i love your sketches! you're so talented :)

thegirlhassparke said...

I am not a phone person at all even though I am super chatty in real life. I just dont have the paitence to sit around on the phone, it makes it harder to keep up with everyone but means I have wonderful long conversations in real life. Love that little doodle :-)

Cassandra said...

Haha... Correction - that wa supposed to say "Skype date"... Stupid auto-correct :P