Monday, August 08, 2011

One Night Camping

   Jonathan and I haven't been able to do much traveling this summer but that hasn't bothered us much. We've been able to do a little here and there on the weekends and finally we can now check off "Go Camping" from my list as this past weekend we pulled out the old tent, jumped in the car and set out for a one night adventure at St. Mary Reservoir.

   As we drove out to our destination we could see in the west a set of huge dark clouds coming our way and we questioned if we should turn back or wait it out and hope the storm would pass. After arriving it began to spit and soon rain. My heart was rather disappointed. You can't set up a tent in the rain, at least it wouldn't be very fun. We decided to wait it out though and after a bit of driving around the rain stopped and the sun appeared. Oh happy day!

   So we set up the tent (rather Jonathan did) and settled into our spot.

  Unfortunately we couldn't get any firewood, which was a pretty big problem. The camp site apparently has a guy that drive through the site twice a day and you can purchase wood through him. But we missed the first round and when he did drive by he went by so fast, never stopped and that was it. No wood for us. Thankfully we were by some very friendly campers who lent us some wood for the night. They were so sweet.

   We had a lovely evening of hiking, eating campfire food and just sitting around the fire talking till we were ready for bed.

 Check out these massive marshmallows I brought. I thought they'd be sweet for making s'mores but turns out it's possible to have way to much marshmallow in a s'more. Stickyness everywhere!

   I have to say our sleeping in the tent was not exactly as I had anticipated. We heard no soft breezes, no trickling water from the near by river, no camp fires still cracking. Instead just a bunch of drunk, loud young adults with their blaring music till the early hours of the morning. It was ridiculous and so rude. I was ready to scream at them to shut up but knew that would be of no help. Some times I just loath young people. I realize I fall into that category but really some people have zero consideration for the people around them. Jonathan and I walked past their camp site that morning and I'll have to admit I was secretly happy to see a few of them with hang overs. I realize that I should be loving and kind but...well I couldn't help. My evil side came out for a moment. Sorry.

   Regardless we enjoyed the rest of our morning and afternoon and spent our time playing cards, and hiking back to the spillage and river area.

   By the afternoon we felt so dirty as we were covered in mosquitoes spray, dirt, campfire smoke and who knows what else so we packed up and headed home. But before that we stopped at the top of the hill where they had a very nice historical display and pictures of the old reservoir. Me being a history lover I just had to take a peak at everything. Bonus, it had a pretty amazing view of the area too.

   Over all it was a short but awesome camping trip! How I love get aways with Jonathan.

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Elya said...

Oh, Caleb and I were SO hoping to get out camping this summer, but with all our work on our house it doesn't look like we'll be able to. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I absolutely love reading yours!!