Monday, August 29, 2011

Honey and Hairpiece

  This weekend it was the Corn Festival, in Taber Alberta. Taber corn farmers grow the best corn in all of Canada (I'm pretty sure the world).  So each year the small town puts on a fair with rides, midway, tones of music acts and corn related games just to celebrate their harvest and amazing tasting corn. The turn out each year is great and this year I was able to spend an hour or so with my husband wandering around. We enjoyed a burger as we walked around the little events and finally found our way into a craft and art exhibition. I love crafts shows and even more so if I have a few dollars on hand so I can purchase something I may like.

   We came across a honey farmer, actually the person selling the honey was a talkative 10 year old who was a great sales girl. If I had more money I'd probably have bought one of everything on her table. But instead I left with a tiny, cute jar of honey.

   Also I was delighted to come across a gal who had a sweet display of flower hair pieces and broaches she had made. We got chatting and I found out she has an Etsy site too. I really liked her head bands and though I always say I can make them I never do. So I allowed myself to cave in and finally purchased another person's hair pieces. But her stuff is so well done it was worth it. Check our her Etsy site Flower Yourself.

   The honey wasn't as sweet as what you buy in the store. But it was still very tasty, especially on toast.

   I'm still excited about the hair piece! Can't wait to wear it again this week.


Amanda Y said...

Oh Taber corn. So good!

Emme said...

ooh honey is the best. i love that you can substitute it with sugar too. my dad was a bee keeper for the longest time but quite for a while because he was too busy. he just took it up again this summer and i can't wait to get fresh honey from him!
the headband is super cute! you wear it so well.