Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Home to the Farm

   I'm super excited to be heading off to Saskatchewan after today's day of work. Jonathan and I will be spending 3 days on my parents farm, my favorite place! I've been looking forward to this time away for quite some time now and even though we don't have a whole lot planned I know the time will go by so fast as there's always something to do on a farm plus it's so beautiful.

   I'll probably end up with a few new blog post as a result of this trip so hopefully I'll remember to take as many pictures as possible. Mostly I'm excited about a project I finally completed this week and I've so badly want to write about it and show pictures but I want to take pictures on the farm with it to better show it off. So I'll just have to be patient.

   Anyways hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Only 5 more hours till mine starts.


Emme said...

i hope you have a great time :) going home is the best and is always so rejuvenating. especially if you live on a farm.

Amanda Y said...

Hi Teaka,
I found your blog via Sunshine with Everything...I got excited as I am originally from Alberta, and live in the UK. I don't follow many Canadian bloggers, (and even better one from Alberta!) so you are now on my list. Hello! :)