Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Future Children's Wardrobe

   When I start thinking about the future and that one day Jonathan and I will have children I often find myself with mix feelings. Depending on the setting I can feel confident and assured that we're ready to have a baby and then other times I shudder at the thought of having another human's life in my care. It's an insane idea that God would entrust two people, typically young and none the wiser to take care of a child at his or her most fragile state. I realize that it's a huge honor and my heart leaps at the thought of holding something I can proudly say, "Look what we made!" But the more I think about it the more I realize how scary and momentous the task will be. 

   Yet that still doesn't stop me from window shopping for baby and children stuff every once and awhile and dreaming what our future kidos will look like one day. Isn't that part of the fun of having no responsibilities, thinking about only the delightful things and not realizing how much work something can be.

   And so my mind wanders to children clothing and may how I'd dress my wee little ones...if I was a billionaire.

Tailored Coats

School Uniforms (a little more trendy though hey) 

Everything and anything from this board!

Cardigans and ruffled shirts!

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Kari Jeanne said...

I'm so with you on ALL of your clothes choices for your future children - I too dream of dressing my future little ones in adorable unique clothing :)