Sunday, August 14, 2011

Campfire, Veggies and Cake Pops

   Oh my goodness what a wonderful weekend I had back home with family! I had been looking forward to it for such a long time as spending time with my family and on the farm is never dull. There's always stuff to do and though we found time to relax the best time were when we were out "playing" on the farm.

   There's so much I could blog about and so I think I may end up staggering a few of my photos and post over the week so I don't have to mash everything together.

   To start with Friday evening my siblings (minus Caleb and Carrie) all gathered for a campfire and later in the night fireworks.

   Early in the day Elizabeth and I prepped some food. She made these amazing veggies on a stick wrapped in tin foil and cooked over the fire. Everybody loved them! Not only did they look great but they way she cooked them gave them a real smoky, outdoors taste.

   For dessert, I brought out the a few cake pops we made early that afternoon. None of my family had actually tasted these balls of cake on a stick before but found them rather tasty, incredibly sweet but oh so good!

   The rest of the night was spent around the fire, some went to the barn to try and find the the wild kittens and then when all was dark we set off the fire works.

   What a fantastic night it was!

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