Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thinking about My Own House

   One day Jonathan and I will own a house. Right?

   For the last few months I've been catching myself talking and expressing my desire to Jonathan about one day buying our own house. Yet it seems like such a far off thing for us since I'm a student with piling up student loans, we have our own individual car loans and then there's monthly bills, other debts and life expensive. On top of that we don't plan on being in Lethbridge for the rest of our lives so we won't be looking into the whole scary home ownership stuff till we move to another city. All of these factors make me rather worried that owning a house may be a far off event for us.

   Some days I find it incredibly discouraging that we're still renting when I hear other friends or family members who own their own places already.  But then I remind myself that they aren't going to school or some other excuse I can come up with in my mind.

   But then we hear about other people we know who are much older than us and are just now purchasing a house. Which makes things all the more confusing because I wonder at what stage in life is it reasonable to start looking into house ownership.  I don't want to be 30 with 2 or more kids still renting, trying to pay off loans and dept all the while still renting and ultimately giving my money away to a landlord never to see it again.

   Money of course is the hugest factor of them all. Of course we need to talk to more professional people so we can better understand everything about this kind of stuff like what are the new expenses to be expected when owning a house? What's the full impact of mortgages? How much is expect to be saved to get a mortgage? And the list goes on.

    It's silly how much I think about this stuff. Since it's not something we'll be looking into till I'm done school maybe I should just let it go. But that's only one year left. Yet thinking about this stuff makes me a tad fretful. I should just let it go.

Dear God, I'm not asking for anything fancy. Not some huge brand new mansion of  a place. Just a basic starter home where we can begin raising a kid or two.

I don't need this. 

Just something small.'s better it God's hand.


Emme said...

wow- that first house is so beautiful!
i don't think ownership of a house has anything to do with age necessarily. i had a friend who bought a house just after high school. she did it as an investment and in the end sold it for profit, but still. i think it's just whenever you're financially able. i'd say, try to guess when you'd be able to buy one, and then don't worry about it until then. also a friend down here took a community class for new home buyers that educated them all about mortgage, credit, equity, etc. maybe they have something like that in lethbridge? i don't even remember what is was called, but good luck!
p.s. you're so right. everything is much better in God's hands :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat... we want to buy a house eventually, but know it's not going to happen while I'm in school and not working a real job yet. And then there is the other question, where should we settle down? We want to be near family, but I want to finish school in Virginia. So we will see where we end up, although Dallas is a probable choice. It's near family and I've heard there is a good job market!
Leave it in Gods hands and just focus on getting done school for now =)

Unknown said...

it's very surprising sometimes how your lives are similar to what my husband and I are going through. we are also looking to get our own place and sometimes its SO depressing that everyone else has their own and we are still struggling to finish with school and trying to balance work and relationships.
it's supposed to all work out in the end. that's what i'm waiting for. :)