Friday, July 08, 2011

Sock Bun

   Lately I've been really like the whole, bun on top of the head hairstyle. Sadly any time I try it I look like a complete goof and I can never get the bun or knot to look right.

   But I found something very exciting when I was on Youtube yesterday and discovered this video about how to make a sock bun in a really cool way. It not only gives you a totally awesome hair do but I also found this next video which shows how it can also gives you beautiful curls when taken out.

   Seriously all you need is a sock and a few minutes (really only takes like 5 minutes) and you're hair looks chic and cute!

I only tried it once last night and once this morning so the pictures are from last night's first try. But I was super happy with it.

   Basically all you do is snip the toe part off the sock and roll it up like a doughnut. Gather your hair in a pony tail to the area of the head you want the bun to sit, I put my pony tale on top. Then all you do is start by rolling the tip parts of your hair into the sock doughnut, making sure all areas are covered and roll the hair and sock down till it meets the head. It's easy to roll once you've got the tips in. Taha! You've got an awesome bun. If you didn't understand that just watch the video as I linked it up top.

   Next week I'll try the bun to create some curls.

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